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December 14, 2008


Alan Towey

Where is Gordon 'I saved the world' Brown?


I navigated here specifically to nominate Gordon Brown but I see someone has beaten me to it. In the way that General Haig was the most successful Scottish general ever (in that he killed the most Englishmen) so is Gordon Brown the most brilliant prime minister ever.

Ray W

Ok so Gordon Brown has already been selected I will nominate sleazy yo Tony Blair


Surely the most annoying thing is that a man who has played a very large part in wrecking global security, in destabilising the Middle East, and in causing large swathes of the world with justification to hate us, is now Middle East PEACE Envoy. How crazy or annoying is that. Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair.


Are we working on the assumption that first prize has already been so resoundingly secured that all of this is for the runners-up spot? I can think of no other reason for the exclusion of R*ss*l Br*nd.


“Removing a dictator was only to be the start; the objective was a benign and democratic Middle East - an environment in which Israel and the Palestinians could make peace, and energy exports were plentiful and secure.” (Leader, ‘Five years after the invasion, the totality of our failure is clear,’ The Independent, March 19, 2008)-I nominate any "liberal" journalist who characterises a deliberate and genocidial war crime as a blunder.


......oddballs, incompetents,drunks,cocaine sniffers, fools and misfits – many of whom hold an important office in the media. My nomination is for ALL NEWSPAPER EDITORS. None of you questioned the excesses of any of the so called smart people running banks,hedge funds,other financial services etc. You were all taken in by their PR people and drank their champagne and ate their canapes.SHAME on all of you!


I'll swap you the Barkley Brothers and their attempt to impose a Mugabe-esque regime upon Sark for Orla Guerin. She's still Irish, right? Not a Briton.


No Lily Allen nomination yet? Clearly the most pointless Briton in the public eye.


I nominate the Barclay brothers who, although owning the Daily Telegraph still apparently believe we are in the 16th century. On reflection make that 'as well as owning the Telegraph'. Not only have they used that organ to peddle their Roman Catholic views to their aging and reactionary readership, they have now got into a complete strop with the residents of Sark who had the temerity to vote otherwise than in accordance with their wishes. These two need straightening out!


Where is Prince Charles? I only clicked on to vote for him. And Tracey Emin, in fact she is more annoying than Charles.

Barrie Redfern

Unfortunately you mix the insane with the criminally insane.


How can you possibly exclude that utter crackpot Stephen Green from Christian Voice, for just about everything he does, or Scotland's Cardinal O'Brien for his absurd "Frankenstein science" claims about human embryology, where even the UK's Jewish community were moved to remark said he was being seriously stupid?

And there is also Bishop Devine of Motherwell, who in a speech to a Glasgow school mocked gay people for attending Holocaust memorial services, even although hundreds of thousands of gay people died in Nazi camps. How can you exclude a crank like that?

Neil Stalley

Giles Coren surely not notable enough outside of London media circles. Why Orla Guerin? Brave, outspoken foreign correspondent as far as the General Public concerned but obviously gets up the noses of some of her media colleagues. Neil Nunes not ridiculed for being "mellifluous" but overtly ethnic. Just not R4. And Prince Andrew? Oh come on show some imagination - it's too easy to keep taking the piss out of the royal family...

Who would I nominate: Tracy Emin should be on there if only for her ludicrous Independent column. In fact put all Independent columnists on there.
And Rupert Murdoch as well, just for good measure.


"oddballs, incompetents, fools and misfits" - for me it would be a toss-up between the New Labour government and the entire inane PR/image consultant/spin-doctor industry.


Awful paper.

This poll and 'the ten best...' seem to be the only things readers are interested in.

And you have nothing on the X factor winner!

Telegraph is much better(especially the apocalyptic finance section)


Neither Orla Guerin or Graham Norton are Britons.


Brucie (of Strictly Weekly Job-Retention Campaign fame)

N Blades

Looking at the list, I think it's a bit rich of The Independent. I can't see The Independent figuring in the UK's 50 most successful papers


Surely Hazel Blears should get a look in for her insufferable chirpiness and for being permanently on message. Such a shame that she did not succeed in winning the deputy keadership.


"Neither Orla Guerin or Graham Norton are Britons."

ditto Diarmuid Gavin, Arsène Wenger, and Golf spectators who shout 'Get in the hole!'


Why oh why no Jeremy Clarkson, somebody must have been sleeping on the job to habe left him off.

J E S Bradshaw

While several pedantic Paddys have pointed out that Orla Guerin, Graham Norton and Diarmid Somebody are Irish, and therefore inelligible, very few have told us that they are inelligible by virtue of not being ludicrous. In fact they are all ludicrous, but Irish. Orla Guerin, for her few fans, is ludicrous because she is not a journalist but a thoroughly miserable ambulance-chaser.

Randolph Carter

Here's an example of ludicrous British behaviour: a national newspaper that seems unaware Graham Norton, Diarmuid Gavin, Orla Guerin are all Irish... the Empire sank into the sand a long time ago, perhaps it's time you faced up to it

David Randall

In response to those pointing out, correctly, that several nominees are not British, we did say in the introduction to the main article that some foreign chums have been included as 'honorary Brits' by virtue of their prominent role in national life. A bit of a cheat, perhaps, but there we are.

David Randall

In response to those pointing out, correctly, that several of the nominees are not Britons, we do say in the introduction to the main article that we have included "a few foreign chums we have deemed honorary Brits". A bit of a cheat, perhaps, but we thought they play such an active part in national life that they deserved this ranking.


John Sargeant - under the guise of being a jolly Santa type figure he deliberately turned one of our best TV programmes into a farce (if he'd been practising hard then it wouldn't have been so bad) and then had the audacity to look like he was helping everybody out by quitting.

dz alexander

May I cast a vote for Christopher Monckton. Although he got no votes from the Lords, surely his recent discovery of AGW as both a Communist & Nazi plot deserves some recognition.
Cute as a bug too.

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