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June 29, 2008


Nigel Sherratt


Has CCI (100% owned by Independent News & Media PLC) been paid by Zanu PF for poster advertising?

Do you have shares in BP, Shell, Tesco or Barclays?

Does your pension fund have shares in BP, Shell, Tesco or Barclays?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions will you be selling those shares and donating any profits or salary earned as a result of doing business in Zimbabwe to charity?

Yours faithfully

stephen stepney

James Dyson and the G WHIZ,
i think Lisa Markwell was star struck,or completely on another planet,"uk,s most famous inventor"???
James Dyson,i suggest she does some homework relating to this article,firstly,this g whiz thing,may well be eco friendly,but as with all elecric vehicles they do not have to pass any crash tests,even at 30mph this thing would immplode if hitting ,say a refuse lorry,totally impractible,Dyson only moved to Malaysia to save money,and increase his wealth,some 800 people were made redundant in Wiltshire,RPM greater than an F1 car? an F1 car revs to 19000rpm,please if you are writing an article,do your home work first,Dyson may be the richest UK inventor,he is certainly not the most famous.

Caroline Rutter

In 1943 my father, a 20 year old lieutenant, took a copy of the Beveridge report hot off the press in Westminster and gave a WEA lecture to his battalion on the cradle to grave care they would invade Europe for. Then the army banned further discussion of it. 64 years to the day after he embarked for Normandy he died having suffered terrible neglect in a flagship foundation hospital while suffering from dementia.
At the 60th anniversary of the NHS we have to look carefully at the costs of the trade off between quality and quantity of life. We have a dementia epidemic which challenges our financial, emotional and moral resources. It is time to look carefully at whether an increase in life expectancy is necessarily a 'good thing'.
Having spent the last few years surrounded by those dying of different forms of dementia I believe that we must use the opportunity presented by the Darsai reforms to ask challenging new questions. Should there be an age from which you have to have an assessment of your mental capacity prior to giving informed consent to medical procedures?
Denial (and NICE) is the big obstacle to the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia. Patients and their families put enormous efforts into covering up the early stages of the disease, when it just seems like a bit of forgetfulness. Very few people know how terrible the completely incapacitated end of it can be.
Media coverage seems to end at the irritating repetative old person endlessly thinking that they have only just arrived in a home and maybe not recognising their family. That's before the double incontinence and hoists onto comodes and the forgetting that food needs to be swallowed.
Having seen deaths from cancer and heart disease as well as deaths from dementia I think that we have to be able to ask the question: is prolonging dementia by the aggresive treatment of (what the medical profession call co-morbidities) necessarily in the best interests of the patient?
It is difficult for health care professionals to ask this question, their role has always been to prolong life. Seeing as so much care of those dying of dementia is done by the family, we have to provide what is regarded as 'social care', it has to be families who raise the question. What better place than the Independant on Sunday to start a debate?

Joe V

Camilla Batmanghelidjh "Not in my mind ..." IoS 10 Aug 08

CB wrote " ... he acquired because his drunken father carved it into his face when he was a child". She then goes on to use this "fact" to explain the Joker's actions being a result of this "traumatic violation at home". She continues with "If your own father betrays you, your trust is eroded".

Did CB actually watch the entire film? The Joker in the film also "explains" that his slashed mouth was self inflicted so as to display some form of empathy with a similarly disfigured girlfriend. The point is not how or why the Joker became disfigured the point is to support the "mad-dog" arguemnt that the there is no rhyme or reason for the Jokers madness and whilst it is plausible that the Joker's scar was self inflicted there was no reason for this self-mutilation and there is not always a reason for peoples actions.

If a writer is going to use a section of a film to make a statement then I think, no matter how just their statement, that they at least show the diligence to watch the film in its entirety.

Joe V

Brian Steed

If you want to replace Bear Skin hats with something fake, fine. But don't suggest it's hurting our Canadian bear population which is abundant and reports show it is growing all over North America. We have a growing bear problem.

Heather Taylor

The Independent used to advertise "It's Independent, are you?"
Now the IoS appears to be telling us what to watch as it no longer features a TV guide.
In our family the TV guide is used before the television is turned on and informed choices are made as what to watch and what is suitable for children to watch.
We only buy a newspaper on a Sunday as that is when the family have time to read it. We are disappointed that you have removed the TV guide.

Gillespie Robertson

Congratulations on publishing today the views of a few of the millions of us "unbelievers" in human-induced climate change and in the "polluting" powers of CO2. Despite your own and almost all of your correspondents' pejorative comments on such views published both today and on a regular basis, this particular "Independent" -reading and quiche-and-panini-eating correspondent urges you to look at all the recent papers on this issue written by specifically qualified scientists. You will eventually conclude that the majority view among such scientists is that the AGW hypothesis is simply wrong, and the so-called mounting evidence of climate change which you claim is presented to the public every day is mostly no more than political and journalistic opinion.

David Mashiter

It is disgraceful that the IoS reports that "Not only have stock markets fallen to their lowest levels for decades". This is simply not true - the FTSE 100 and the Dow Jones have been at lower levels than their Friday closes within the last 6 years. The IoS should not tolerate this sort of shoddy sensationalist writing, which can only exacerbate the present crisis.


Just wondering why this entry from June 29 is still accepting commenets, and the "farmer charles" entry fro Oct. 5 isn't?

Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager, Nature's Path Foods

I wanted to post this comment to the "Farmer Charles" entry. please consider accepting comments.


Prince Charles is a thought leader, and I admire his courage in speaking up about his convictions, despite the criticism he receives. It’s interesting that the “science” he criticizes is not really science, but rather the promotion of business interests through misrepresentation of science. This is clearly evident by the fact that the criticism is devoid of answering to the scientific misinformation that Prince Charles claims is being perpetrated. For instance the biotechnology claim that yields increase when using genetically engineered seeds. When this is questioned we should reasonably expect a response with scientific evidence that yields do increase, but we see no such evidence. All we hear as a retort is an emotionally manipulative plea that we must think about the poor starving people, and that the only way to feed them is through biotech. It is childish to think that we can be fooled that easily. In fact real science reports the opposite about yields of biotech: (!OpenDocument )
What Prince Charles is critiquing is not true science, but business interests posing as science. I think we should say thank you to Prince Charles for telling us that the “Biotech Emporor” is not wearing any clothes.

Thank you from Canada

A. Beladaci

Dear Sir,

Is nt it time to ask the Prime minister to set up an independent enquiry into Oil companies that are not reducing the price of petrol/diesel in line with the cut of the price of oil.

In July: Price of oil = $147 per barrel and price of petrol = £1.19 per litre.

Now in October: Price of oil = $58 per barrel and yet the price of petrol remains around £1.09 to £0.97 in supermarkets!

Time for justice and fair pricing for all at this time of hardship!

Time to support petitions on 10 Downing street like this one that is promoting cut of petrol/diesel price:

A. Beladaci

David J Jones

Whatever happend to good old-fashioned proofreeading? In your Guide to the US Election 2008, you indicate (on the large map) that Iowa and Virginia had gone to Kerry in 2004, yet on the small map (US Election 2004) these two states are coloured Republican red. Which is correct?

David Jones


That "Obama Too Good To Be True" article was meant to be a joke, right? If not, that writer needs to get back on their meds.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the article on page 7 (Director's anger over comedy film's 'disability' warning). It raised a very interesting issue about the film board's process of classifying films containing disabled actors. I hope such an article will persuade readers to consider their own attitudes to disability and those disabled actors struggling to find work while able bodied actors play disabled roles. Hooray for Justin Edgar's Special People film.

Maurice Smith

Can't say I'm too happy with the changes to the Open House pages and the depth of interest in writers shown by Live Journal.

I don't want to fill out forms listing personal details for all to see - or to be shared (to an unknown degree) with other websites.

I have never objected to use of my real name for posts, but that's as far as it goes.

Yet I form the impression it is almost obligatory


Rachel Shields misinforms the Indi readers on health issues. Writing such nonsense that soy is healthy is hardly helpful for a citizenry already misinformed on health by the mainstream. shows what a higly toxic plant is soy. In newer science, we have from The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers,2007, H R Clark, PhD ND, where she has identified the plant chemical apiol in soy, and also identified the pathway where apiol inflames the breast. This makes for easy access for the cancer nucleus and cancer complex to start a breast malignancy. The dietary misinformation is not limited to ill-informed writers, but also emanates from professors of nutrition, doctors, down to the sports trainers and celeb chefs. This pseudo-scientific nonsense includes theories such as the food pyramid being healthy, that dietary cholesterol causes heart disease, that calories count, that there exists a Mediterranean diet, that soy and canola are healthy, that microwave, ceramic and teflon cooking are safe and so on. The most dangerous misinformation is that supplemental Vitamins have no benefit, and even that they cause harm. I look forward to some honest nutrional Journalism, even if only for the sake of balance.


Australia has been in the vanguard of the biochar movement with The IBI conference held in Terrigal NSW last year and The Asia - Pacific conference in The Gold Coast in May 2009.
Much research on biochar is being undertaken here and early next year a major fertiliser company will be marketing a home garden range of fertilisers based around biochar.
If your newspaper is interested in knowing more of this important development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ben Ross

Uroguay 'won' their quarter-final match at the World Cup by blatant cheating.

When will association football adopt a new rule:
A penalty goal will be awarded, if, in the opinion of the referee, a goal was prevented by a deliberate handball on the goal line.

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