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September 02, 2007


Christopher Edge

If they must send them off to do their dirty work, they should at least give them the tools to do the job, and look after them properly when they come home.
When will politicians stop living off the bodies of dead and wounded UK servicemen? Or is it more a question of "keep the lads far from home while the Government turns the UK into a police state"? Carry on like this, and there soon won't be any Army left - and who benefits from that? Only the Big Brother government and Putin.


Although I am against these present wars I am for seeing that our troops are properly trained and equipped to do whatever task we ask of them, also that they are also properly looked after when they return home.

I think the IOS should start a campaign asking every MP to contribute a weeks salary to one of the army charities, who have been losing money because of the unpopularity of the wars.

James, Bath

What's the point of having this campaign in this paper? One of your own columnists - Tim Lott - has stated elsewhere that he'll vote ZaNuLab no matter what. So if you're prepared to prop up these corrupt criminals by keeping them in power what do you expect to change with regards their attitude to the military? Or anything else for that matter? Nice, obedient Liberals.

alan mcpartland

The treatment of British troops by this government is a disgrace. But then let's face it most people in Great Britain don't care a fig for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are killed and life goes on. In most cases their deaths merit only a footnote in the news and a hypocritical expression of sorrow in the Commons.. That's life perhaps.It was the same in the first world war when the battle seemed equally remote. People pay lip service to the memory of dead troops but the reality is they care little for them.They simply go through the motions. The fact is of course, British troops should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are losing their lives for the greater glory of George Bush and his oil magnate cronies and the vanity of his one time minion, Blair. That is not however the fault of the troops. It is a national disgrace and a permanent blight on the Labour movement in Great Britain. For any Prime Minister to wage an aggressive war under false pretences, in this day and age, is nothing short of criminal.The troops are not to blame. It is those who sent them to war who are the criminals beneath contempt. May they, the lying politicians, rot in hell. I write this as someone whose uncle served as a doctor in the British army in world war two and was permanently damaged as a result.


I fully support the IoS campaign calling on the Government to honour the Military Covenant. Our military deserve the best support we can offer, as do their families.


SIR it disturbed me to read your exclusive report: The plight of Britain's Service men and women-Soldiers need loansto eat, report by Jonathan OWEN and Brian Brady[ page .4 sunday 11.05.08] My fatherfought crown's war iN Burma, during the Japaneese push the british Army was forced to retreat into the Jungle for months and with out proper ration of food, after the second world war, my father continued to suffer from a chronic stomach pains from which he never recovered wa never diagonsed, Ihope you continue to high light soldiers plight, but to read this sad story on the day of PENTECOSTAL, The commemorating the descent of the Holy spirit on the Apostles observed on the seventh Sunday after EASTER,is very very disturbing- I HOPE YOU INITIATE A PROJECT TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE DESRVING SOLDIERS-thanks for raising public awareness about our soldiers plight


Seeing that picture of a Prime Minister playing soldiers made me want to throw up especially after hearing his hollow words over pulling the troops back home. All we've heard from Gordon Brown is some vague intent of pull out without numbers or when, and as such his statement belongs in the trash along with all his previous lying rhetoric. To add to Browns spin, recent announcements by Des Browne over pay increases to the armed forces demonstrates just how out of touch ministers are on job satisfaction and motivation of people whether its military or non-military. For many decades studies have been carried out on the main factors that boost morale of workers and interestingly money is not number one, nor is it even number two in the league table. By far the biggest morale boosting factor is getting the job done effectively, quickly and most importantly being given the tools to accomplish this. I suspect its a fact that most Labour MP's and ministers are motivated by that tax payers trough of expenses and it never occurred to them that most people actually have morals and greed isn't their priority. There is nothing to suggest it is any different in the military and both Brown/es paltry bribes won't make a scrap of difference to how most in the army and the electorate view this government record of selling them short. All caring companies that understands employee motivation know that coming along at the eleventh hour and offering a wage hike just to keep staff from 'deserting' does not really work over the long term. Staff feel cheated & insulted that their worth was not acknowledged before and they will still look to leave in the immediate future. From a military perspective its no different, job satisfaction can ONLY be achieved if the right equipment is available at the right time and training is accomplished before you go into battle. Geoff Hoon and now Des Browne both failed their duty of care towards British troops and have left them with inferior equipment, insufficient back up, unsuitable second rate hospitalization when injured, slum housing for their families and still expect them to pull rabbits out of a hat whilst overstretched. Complicit to this litany of failures has to be the recent callous attempts by Des Browne to muzzle the coroner and press, over MoD duty of care failings when knowingly forcing military personnel to fly in planes that were not airworthy. If any evidence of Labours contempt for the armed forces were necessary, this last one has to be the most despicable and contemptable indictment of them. All this damming evidence is the primary reasons why so many are leaving the armed forces today but as with everything thats gone pear shaped in Britain today, Labour still don't get it as they're in denial that all their programs have imploded. In the unlikely event this bankrupt government did change its attitude towards the armed forces, the pact with the military is broken and nothing the Brown/es or Labours say would be believed. The best chance for recruitment is in a change in government that clears the decks and allows rebuilding some trust from a new set of ministers by actions rather than the vacuous words of New Labour.


These things we know or should know

1) Bombardier = Military. the member of a bombing plane crew who operates the bombsight and bomb-release mechanism

2) Bombs kill innocent civilians at the rate of 10 (or more – often much more) civilians for each combatant

3) The 10 civilians more often than not include 50% children.

4) Bombs also blow off the limbs of their victims

5) So Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson had done to him what he went out to do to others.

He, unlike the innocent victims of warfare had a choice - he could have refused to participate - unlike the innocent children who do not have knowledge, let alone understanding, of what is going on.

What goes around comes around


Here is an extract of a speech deliverd to the American congress by Senator George McGovern during the Vietnam War

Every Senator in this Chamber is partly responsible for sending 50,000 young Americans to an early grave.

This Chamber reeks of blood.

Every Senator ... is partly responsible for the human wreckage at Walter Reed ... (and other hospitals )all across this land.

Young boys without legs, or arms, or genitals, or faces, or hope. Don't talk to them about "bugging out of Vietnam", or national honour or courage.

It does not take any courage at all for a Congressman, or a Senator, or a President, to wrap himself up in a flag and say, "we are staying in Vietnam." Because it is not our blood that is being shed.

So before we vote, let us ponder the admonition of Edmund Burke, that great Parliamentarian of an ealier day - "A conscientious men would be cautious how he dealt in blood

" - This is thought to be a paraphrase of John Bright, the greatest radical orator in all England. He said, "I hear in this Chamber as we speak the wings of the Angel of Death."

The UK Prime Minister would do well to digest the thoughts expressed here. UK citizens have a part to play too but, unfortuanely, they too seem to be very pro-war and militarism. So this is "blood price" will continue t be paid.


Moronic mainstream rubbish as usual Independent. Why on earth should I honour a bunch of heavy armed yobbos who have been sent fighting against indigenous people by some totally perverted war criminal scum. In fact the other way around.



Our military deserves all the support they can be given. That they are fighting in two alien territories for a cause that might be questionable reflects upon them not at all. To then have our defence minister wish to place some of our troops into a European foce is beyond belief

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